Fully Managed WordPress Hosting & Maintenance

A Complete Management Service For Every Type Of Website

Who should use this service?

This service is for those that want Web Hosting and WordPress Maintenance as a single service.

If you have your own WordPress Hosting already but want WordPress Maintenance only then please select our WordPress Maintenance Service

50% Off Your Hosting Fees

How Fast Will My Website Be?

What Is Shared Hosting?

Best forInfrequent content changes
(less than once a month)

Any theme with fully automatic updates

5 or less simple plugins

Typically sites with very low website and email traffic.

Usually suited to small clubs and hobby sites>
Moderate content changes
(monthly or weekly)

Any theme with fully automatic updates

10 or less simple plugins

Typically sites with moderate website and email traffic.

Usually suited to micro to small businesses
Frequent content changes
(weekly to daily)

Premium Themes with manual updates

10 or more plugins

Typically sites with moderate website and higher email traffic.

Usually suited to established businesses or small online shops.
Paid Annual Discount4 Months Free3 Months Free2 Months Free
Hosting Features
SSL CertificateAdd £2.50pm or £25pa
(£49 setup fee for existing websites)

(Domain name must use our nameservers. If not possible certificates are: £75pa)
Add £2.50pm or £25pa
(£49 setup fee for existing websites)

(Domain name must use our nameservers. If not possible certificates are: £75pa)

(Domain name must use our nameservers. If not possible certificates are: £75pa)
Web Space2GB2GB 5GB
Bandwidth5GB10GB Unlimited
Database Size1GB1GB1GB
Email Mailboxes10 (2GB)20 (5GB) Unlimited (10GB)
Email Forwarders1020 Unlimited
Email Auto-Responders1020 Unlimited
Webmail AccessYesYesYes
Control Panel AccessYesYesYes
Wordpress Features
Caching Optimisation
Added Performance Optimisations
Staging Environment
Core UpdatingQuarterlyMonthlyWeekly
Plugin UpdatingQuarterlyMonthlyWeekly
Theme Updating
(Child Theme, Free Theme, Auto updater)
Wordpress BrandingNoneNoneNone
Backup Features
Off-Site File BackupMonthlyWeeklyWeekly
Off-Site Data BackupMonthlyWeeklyDaily
Off-Site Backup Retention1 Month1 Month3 Months
On-Site Backup Retention1 Month1 Month1 Month
Local backupDailyDailyDaily
Security Features
Security ScansEvery 72 hoursEvery 72 hoursEvery 72 hours
Uptime Monitoring247 Every 6 hours247 Every hour247 Every 20 mins
Malware Removal Excess£99 per incident£99 per incident£99 per incident
Support ChannelTicket SystemTicket SystemDedicated Email
Response Time24 hours24 hours12 hours
Support Hours9am to 5pm / Mon to Fri GMT
9am to 5pm / Mon to Fri GMT9am to 5pm / Mon to Fri GMT
Maintenance ReportingNoneBasic (Monthly)Full (Monthly)

Save 50% on your hosting costs

By having your hosting and wordpress maintenance fully managed by us you receive a whopping 50% discount on your hosting fees.

We do this because it makes sense! Having your hosting and maintenance in one place means we can ensure complete consistency in service for all our customers. It’s much easier for us to manage a single hosting platform in one place and we can provide full support for your hosting as a result.

How fast will my website be?

What hosting companies will try to tell you is their hosting is like lightening, super fast, turbo charged and so on. However this is relative and subjective to the website and hosting.

Out of the box, with a standard WordPress theme our hosting really is super fast, one of the fastest in the industry. However, once you add a premium theme, add your content, images, plugins, Google or facebook scripts and your site will slow down, some more than others. It’s all very individual to the site.

A website that is not optimised will still perform poorly on even the best hosting.

Out of the box our hosting comes with above industry standard features

500MB Memory limit
100% SSD storagae
Dual octa-core processors
IPv6 & HTTP2
10GB Network
Google Based DNS
Responsive Load Balancing

What is shared hosting?

Shared hosting is what the overwhelming majority of websites on the internet are run on.

The benefits of shared hosting platforms are cost, technical skill, sever resources and security.

Shared hosting means that the cost of the server is shared between many websites, this makes hosting affordable for many. All the technical maintenance is managed for you, no technical knowledge is required from customers. Server resources are shared between all websites on the server again keeping costs down. All the security is managed centrally again with no requirement for customer bear any additional costs.